Molly Hornbeck & Jesse Bilodeau

Mixed Media, Sculpture, Painting and Reclaimed Art

We are a Vermont based collaborative who strives to push the boundaries of reuse and sustainability through our vibrant, dimensional, and interactive product line. We love exploring, being outdoors and enjoying all that nature has to offer. We pull inspiration and creativity from our experiences and encourage others to do the same.

Our work is originally inspired from the materials in which we use.  The materials we use include: Vermont barn board, Reclaimed wood, roofing slate, Airstream aluminum, metal, metal wire, spray paint and acrylic paint.  These materials have lots of character and we strive to enhance them the best we can. We brainstorm and design the work ourselves which is influenced by our love of the outdoors.   Once we have generated ideas and compositions for the various materials we begin the process. The process starts with cleaning and prepping the materials; at this point woodworking or metalworking techniques are used to create the sculptural elements.   From here we spray paint our base layer and then hand paint using acrylics to finish out the pieces. It is a cohesive and collaborative workflow between the two of us. We have two divisions of work; fine art and our jewelry. This includes earrings from recycled Airstream aluminum.   Our work stands out from the crowd not just because it's handcrafted and unique in design but also because of the materials used and the story that stands behind each piece. It is our goal to start a conversation about sustainability and reuse through our work. All of our work is one of a kind; individually branded, numbered and signed.

Molly Hornbeck & Jesse Bilodeau
Basin Reclaimed

238 Basin Road
Brandon, VT 05733



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