Maria Nitzsche

Knit Felted Hats

My first experience in Vermont was as a child visiting grandparents. My grandfather had an oxen team and fairs were a yearly outing. My sister has a ski condo on Okemo and for many years, I enjoyed skiing at Okemo.

In 2002 my state funded contract at the Home of Little Wanderers ended and I moved to Ludlow and began working at Northern Skiworks.

When I turned 70, I decided to make hats. Just knitted hats I found boring, so I tried felted hats. This was what I was looking for. The entire process is fun, starting with the knitting, then felting them and finishing them. Although all the yarn is 100%. each blooms differently during the felting process which makes a different texture and look for the finished material.

I make 17 different styles and enjoy mixing yarn textures and colors for a different expression. I have my beautiful handmade (not by me) wooden hat molds over which I stretch the wet hat and then shape the brim when needed. When I add a finishing, I search my button trove and then design the color and shape of the pin felted finishing.

Maria Nitzsche
Vermont Hats

205 Route 103 S.
Mount Holly, VT 05758


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