Mark Yuengling

Fine Furniture and Woodenware

After years of massive woodworking projects for television, theater and film, Mark moved to Vermont in 2006 to pursue a career in fine furniture making. As his furniture making frequently yields sappy, peculiarly grained or colored wood. Mark relies on the particular oddities revealed in the end grain of the wood to direct the design, shape and edge treatment of each piece. He particularly likes the challenge in creating durable, functional pieces of wooden art from what most other woodworkers would never consider machining. Despite hearing that his creations are too beautiful to cut on, all pieces are designed to withstand the heaviest handed of chefs.

Note: Mark will be displaying his beautiful cutting blocks and other woodenware at the show, but will be happy to talk to you about furniture.

Mark Yuengling
531 Kendrick’s Corner Road
Perkinsville, VT 05151


…At The Weston Playhouse

The Weston Playhouse provides a manageable, pleasant shopping experience for those looking for something special. With a carefully juried array of exceptional arts and crafts in a distinctive setting, the Weston Craft Show offers discerning art collectors high quality, diversity and beautiful displays.

"For a compact look at the work of some of Vermont's top artisans, it's difficult to top the annual Weston Craft Show!"
Rutland Herald

"There are talented artists throughout the Green Mountain State and the Weston Craft Show finds the best."

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