Mary Stone

Hand Formed Musical Sculpture

Vermont is my home and my inspiration. I live and work on a lovely hillside overlooking the capital city of Montpelier. I love the challenge of combining form and sound in designing my whistles, and my experience is that people of all ages respond to them with big smiles and a sense of delight.

Whether you love birds, cats, porcupines, or have a special totem animal, you will find just what you need among my wide variety of designs. From tiny porcelain necklace whistles to lumbering raku elephant ocarinas, each is easy to play and pleasant to hear.

I make each piece by hand with porcelain, stoneware, or terracotta clay, using the “pinch pot” technique to create a hollow closed form by pressing the clay between my thumb and forefingers.  This technique ensures a durable compressed clay finished pot that will stand up to time and constant handling.  I tune the whistles while the clay is still moist, and re-check the sound as each sculpture dries prior to firing. I then brush the whistles with permanent non-toxic glazes, and fire them to a durable finish.  Once the whistle is fired it is ready to make music, and never has to be tuned again!

Mary Stone Clay Whistles
25 Cummings Road
Montpelier, VT 05602

802-249-2589 (cell)


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