Matthew Tell

Wood Fired Functional Pottery

As a high school senior Matthew was immediately drawn to the wonderful plasticity of clay limited only by the imagination.  Matthew continues to spend his days in his studio working with clay; throwing, trimming, glazing and firing.  Influenced by the view of the Green Mountains from his studio window, “This influence is reflected in the earth tone glaze overlays and suggestive landscapes I use to decorate my pots”.  Matthew built and uses a wood kiln.  The qualities unique to the wood fired process result from the complex dynamics involving the makers endeavor, the material properties and the “life of the fire”.  It is the power of the fire that alters and enhances the pieces in the kiln.

Matthew Tell Pottery
P.O.Box 232
Marlboro, Vermont 05344


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Voted "One of Vermont's TOP TEN fall events." three times!
Vermont Chamber of Commerce

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The Message

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