Stacey Stanhope-Dundon

Salt Fired Pottery

Stacey's pottery is greatly influenced by animals and the beauty of the surrounding farms. She has been making functional and decorative clay art, for 18 years. What started out as a love for horses and the need to constantly draw them, turned into recreating the whole farm yard and bringing those animals to life in her studio. Stacey currently lives and works in Orwell, VT.

Stacey's work is Salt Fire with Wax resist designs. All the images on the pots are painted with wax in the negative areas and then brushed with a black slip (liquid clay). This effect makes the pots have a wood cut  look to them. The pots are then fired in a Salt Kiln. This is a kiln where regular table salt is put into the kiln at the end of the firing. The Salt reacts with the silica in the clay and forms a glaze.  

Stacey Stanhope-Dundon Pottery
296 Rt 22A  
PO Box 132
Orwell, VT 05760



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