Stacie Mincher

Recycled Zipper Designs

Stacie has made this craft her own as she organizes recycled zippers into interesting patterns to create beautiful and unique brooches, pendants, hair barrettes, and earrings.  Stacie has also covered the faces of clocks, lids of wooden boxes, frames and Christmas tree ornaments with zippers.  Stacie begins with whole zippers and cuts the fabric tape off, standing them up or flipping them on to their sides to be glued to a wood base.  She describes the process of filling in the spaces as “painting with zippers”.  Stacie enjoys the search for supplies almost as much as the art itself.  In addition to zippers, she repurposes wire, buttons, glass beads, melted plastic, bottle caps, game pieces, vinyl records, vintage cookbooks and fabric creating clever and innovative jewelry and crafts. 

Stacie Mincher Designs
7 Kingsley Court
Rutland, VT 05701



"Top 10 Fall Events in Vermont"

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Voted "One of Vermont's TOP TEN fall events." three times!
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